Interim Purchasing Resource

Pyramis can help your business by placing experienced senior executives into your management team. We are experienced in departmental architecture, systems and processes as well as strategic category management and project delivery.

We can assist or lead your procurement transformation, or develop a programme for continued development. Resources for major projects or resources shortages are highly skilled, qualified and experienced.

Your $-value will be maximised by focussing on the early (e.g. stakeholder engagement and specification) and late (post-contractual SPM, SRM) stages in the procurement cycle – stages which are often given inadequate attention.

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Training – Developing your skills!

Time and cost effective training!

Starting with discussing your training needs, our training services range from cost and time effective, bite-size, lunchtime sessions – guaranteed to be thought provoking and fun, to individually tailored medium-term training programmes with follow-up and real-life application.

Our courses include generic development skills as well as technical procurement skills. Courses can be tailor-made and delivery to non-purchasing colleagues, including sales staff, will increase awareness of purchasing practices.

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Examples of some of our courses:

  • Basic/Advanced negotiation;
  • Strategic Sourcing;
  • Supplier Risk Management;
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  • Coaching for success;
  • Procurement for non-Procurement professionals;
  • Personal Excellence and Development;

Mentoring and Advisory Services

Finding the way forward!

Our wealth of experience from some of the world’s largest organisations means we can suggest ways to solve your tricky problems and work with you to find the most appropriate way forward to grow your business and profits.

Knowing how buyers think, we can advise on your sales pitches, before you present them to your client to increase your revenue generation.

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Recruitment Services and Support

As part of “business as usual” or following a large restructuring, Pyramis will use their selection techniques and competency frameworks to manage the recruitment of individuals or whole purchasing teams – from developing job descriptions, engaging with the very best recruiters, tapping in to our extensive network, filtering CV’s, interviewing and final selection – allowing you to focus on running your business

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Systems and Process Development

Developing and configuring your system.

Procurement systems must help not hinder your business. Controls must be appropriate to the risks they are mitigating while allowing your business to function.

For instance, we can develop and configure a “P2P” system and process infrastructure which will continue to deliver excellence after our departure. We can help you determine if “PCards” are appropriate and implement accordingly.

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Departmental Health Checks

We undertake a critical evaluation of existing policy, practices and personnel and deliver an opportunity analysis for future savings and efficiency projects.

A formal presentation of findings, benchmarked against world class organisations, will follow a brief period of on-site presence.

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Contract Audits

Getting your cash quickly.

In our experience, many suppliers assume clients will never execute audits, especially when negotiated under “open book” contracts or “right to audit” clauses. Our techniques and experience tell us which agreements to target for results that deliver cash quickly.

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Bespoke Documents

Effective standard documents greatly improve the delivery times of any project and greatly strengthen the contractual outcome. Organisations often utilise many different Terms and Conditions of trading (T&C’s), Supplier risk assessment, approval forms and supplier performance management (SPM) records – the list is endless. Pyramis can develop a suite of templates relating to various areas of your business.

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Securing the best services!

Pyramis are experienced at e-auctions which offer a very effective method of securing the best possible services at competitive prices, quickly and with full transparency.

Different levels of e-procurement exist and we will ensure maximum ROI and minimal disruption to your valuable relationships.

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Supplier Relationship Management

Most clients are aware of the principles of customer relationship management (CRM) and its value. Fewer businesses are aware of the similar principles of Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) or Advanced Collaborative Relationships. Pyramis can introduce these techniques into your business enabling you to realise substantial benefits.

We are specialists at re-balancing relationships with dominant or bottleneck suppliers – using tried and tested techniques for repeated success in seemingly hopeless supplier scenarios

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Supplier Risk Management

Saving money when purchasing!

Risk mitigation is a key part of leading edge purchasing however, it is often sacrificed in favour of costs savings. Pyramis will redress the balance to include cessation of supply, and damage to your reputation and brand.

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