Procurement Academy

The Background

The client had a longstanding issue with attraction and retention of high calibre purchasing staff. A Procurement Academy was proposed and subsequently obtained a multi-$m budget for a three year programme.

The Process

First, two competancy assessments were performed. The procurement leaders also undertook a intensive one-on-one psychometric interview assessing leadership and soft skills. Procurement personnel were asked to complete an online questionnaire. This identified priority training requirements. Programmes were devised for the procurement personnel and individual development plans were developed; either by instructor-led or experiential training.

The Challenge

A high number of personnel had been within the organisation for a number of years and heavily resisted being asked to develop their skills. Consistency across a complex global operation was also required, including execution in several languages.

The Results

Having been made aware of their area(s) for improvement, personnel became interested in their development once more and actively pursued development. A strategic sourcing programme was introduced to ensure the critical early stages in the procurement cycle were not ignored. Several promotions occurred and many projects delivered greater results from following the newly taught methods.


An academy of any nature is an investment in the future health of the organization. Without developing talent, the continuing battle to attract and retain personnel becomes all the more difficult. The financial payback was multiples of the initial investment.

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